From Substance Abuse and Tragedy to Endurance Running

My first ever podcast is a confronting, open and honest talk with a great young man who has turned his life around from a path of substance abuse and the murder of his grandfather; to a life of health, fitness and endurance sports.

Join us as we discuss how Dylan was basically at rock bottom, some bad addictions, bad company and generally just a young guy not clear about his future or what life is about.

Dylan was born with something unique inside him, a want for anything exciting, to be different, to get the most out of life. Unfortunately the experiences that shaped him early, such as the murder of his grandfather and being bullied at school, led him on a path of addiction and forming bad habits that could have led to a terrible future.

He found a mentor, Pete, who really, was always there for him but he just didnt know it. They came together at the right time in Dylans life and together have turned things around and have Dylan in control of his addictions and loving his new found love of fitness and endurance sports.


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