John Csongei -Elite Marathon Runner: Self Employment Enabled Him to Become the Runner He Wanted to BE


John Csongei is a great runner, a self employed Financial Planner, a vegan, a loving father and a lover of tropical fish.

He really is such a nice guy and we talk about his entire life, from his early days kicking around a soccer ball and trying his hand at rowing to his lower darker days when his partner left him for another man and John having to look after two young boys on his own.


John loved the outdoors and couldnt wait to get on his bike or go for a long ride or run and escape the discipline and routine of home life by connecting with nature and getting fitter by building his incredible endurance base.


He talks about many of his marathon experiences ranging from his Personal Best time (recently at the age of 40) of 2:33 and the races where he was reduced to walking. Hes battled calf injuries, plantar fasciitis, sacroiliac inflammation and many others. We talk about his recovery tips and also his training schedule.


Above all, John connected with the person he wanted to be quite early in life, he then set about finding a career and lifestyle that would allow him to work hard at becoming the elite athlete he dreamed of being AND the father he NEEDED to be. Hes a devoted Dad and a genuinely really nice guy, I loved this conversation and getting to know him better.


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