What Ignites The Fire In You






Are you in touch with that special drive within you, that drive that needs to be found to inspire you to find the path that leads you to your ultimate level of happiness and contentment?

Or do you refuse to go to that place that could open up doorways or a path that you believe you are unable to walk down at this point in your life? Ive got a family? Im too old? I work full time? My upbringing means I am what I am?

These are excuses, and good ones. But this is purely a mindset problem, a rehearsed and practiced script in your mind that can be changed and modified.

We need to get you creating a new script and learn how to get it to stay at the front of your thoughts. The first part of doing this is to work out what it is that ignites your fire. This can come form your memories from childhood or even a new dream that you have thought about more recently.

I highly recommend the following book by Michael Ray.  It will help you to find that dream that is the thing in life that should drive you effortlessly to become who you were meant to be.




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