Footballer, Coach, Fireman, Leader – Rod “Rocket” Campbell on Living Selflessly



Rod “Rocket” Campbell had one of the greatest mentors he could ever ask for, his Dad. As Rocket says, his Dad was a “Beautiful Man”, “not became, always was”. I love this about Rocket, his love for his dad, his passion, his love and empathy for others, and his desire to help everyone and help them to work harder and develop.


Thats Leadership, thats Rocket.


Hes a past AFL league footballer (in the old SANFL days), hes a Fireman (an Officer), a Coach, and a wonderful father of 5 fantastic children. He talks about his Dad in the highest esteem and about all the other amazing mentors in his life, how he found them and the influence they had on him.

We talk about how in each challenge he undertakes he strives to ensure that he leaves the place better than he found it, and how others should do this and also strive to look for opportunities to make soemones day better.

He sought out coaches, such as Denis Pagan, Charlie Walsh and Ric Charlesworth and managed to get them to sit and talk to him for hours so he could learn from them and improve his coaching skills. Thats Rocket, hes enagaging, infectious and easy to talk and listen to, with stories and quotes that could keep you both interested and entertained for hours.

We discuss his leadership roles within the Fire Service Road Awareness Program(RAP) where he worked for 10 years with students about the risks associated with driving on our roads. Hes so passionate about helping to educate our young drivers and reducing the fatalities on our roads.

We talk about his marriage and relationship troubles, coaching young children as well as the Emergency Services Combined Football Team, and about what hes learned about being more selfless as he grows older which ultimately is a more balanced way to live.


His Dad taught him how to be selfless, and Im sure his famous football father would be extremely proud of the man hes become, hes truly a beautiful human being. An endearing term that he regularly uses to describe his Dad.


” You Dont Lose Yourself Being Selfless, You Find Yourself “

Seth Adam Smith






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