The AMAZING Adventurer, Ironwoman, Mum, Business Woman – Katie Sarah

MASTERS OF CHANGE 18 * 14th NOV 2018


Katie Sarah changed her life forever when she said yes to a camping trip involving abseiling, and also joining a climbing session at a local gym. This led her to eventually climbing the seven highest mountains on seven continents as well as the seven highest volcanic peaks – the famous SEVEN – SEVEN.

She talks about how in her late 20s she used to run a lot, to try and get a break from the demands of raising a family and eventually she progressed from this to running a marathon and also an ironman triathlon.

After beginning with a trek in Bolivia, she eventually progressed to Everest, which then gave her much needed confidence to climb at altitude. She talks about an incredible trek where she was in a Russian cargo plane, then landed on blue ice and a further 5 hour flight to the base of the mountain in Antartica.


Nothing stops this driven , motivated woman, shes come back from a fused ankle, has trekked with her children and believes that fear needs to be managed, she develops solutions and options in order to combat any fears that arise.


She has a very interesting method for helping her sleep and relax, she listens to audio recordings of the TV series , The Black Adder.

On top of all this she runs her own business and is studying a Human Movement degree.

This mother of 3 and true Master of Change was one of my best guests ever and was a pure delight to meet and have a such an insightful and inspiring conversation.


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