WORLD RECORD Planking – Daniel Scali

MASTERS OF CHANGE 22 * 29th JULY 2021 From the moment Daniel saw the planking world record on his snapchat feed, something ignited a fierce determination within to inspire him to dedicate his days to breaking this amazing record. He found an amazing mindcoach, Michael Sorgiovanni of “Living your Power Now”, and got to work setting up his morning ,…

Sourdough Baker & Chef – Giuseppe “Joe” Nasti – PART 2

MASTERS OF CHANGE 21 * 19th JULY 2021 This week I chat to my great friend Guiseppe “Joe” Nasti once again, in more detail, about the art of sourdough baking. He was kind enough to not only bring me a copy of his book “The 5 secrets of sourdough baking”, but also a beautiful, succulent loaf of sourdough that I…

Sourdough Baker & Chef – Giuseppe “Joe” Nasti

MASTERS OF CHANGE 20 * 12th JULY 2021 Giuseppe “Joe” Nasti is one of the most interesting and inspiring guests to sit down for a chat with me since I started the podcast over three years ago. He migrated to Melbourne Australia from Italy and eventually found his way to Adelaide South Australia working as a chef in a winery…

5minMonday 028 – Scopophobia , Are Others Watching?

Do you get too nervous if others are watching? Does your heart rate rise, you get hot, you worry, it interferes with your natural ability and thinking? Lets work on this, we need to beat this fear, to allow us to become who we are meant to be and to enable us to take on change and new challenges.

5minMonday 022 – Let Go of That Grudge and All Resentment

Holding a grudge and constant resentment is not only bad for your health but also for all of your relationships. It will stop you from making change and handling change and will ultimately be the acid and toxicity that poisons your soul and destroys you.