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5minMonday 016 – Procrastinate happily

Accept every moment, stop resisting and giving  in to that nasty ego, that only tries to derail you and put you down. That takes far too  too much energy.   Accept the moment, you deserve it.      

5minMonday 013 – HELP, I cant recognise Opportunity

A great message from one of my listeners, saying they meditate and do yoga but still cant see the oportunity.   Its not easy, if its not working then its time to try a different approach and/or consider that other forces are holding you back. The key is to identify this, create a lifestyle that allows you to try other…

5minMonday 012 – Believe in yourself, and you will find Opportunity

Take ten minutes at the start of your week with a blank piece of paper, just write anything, maybe your good points, maybe some goals, maybe some passions.   Believe in yourself, address your needs, and then embrace opportunities when they start to arise. Be aware, be watchful and pay attention, because opportunity will present itself once you embrace these…