How to Leave the 9 to 5 Grind and Set up a Drive Through Cafe

Two young guys who have quit their day jobs to chase a passion, Aaron and James are changing the way Adelaide views drive through coffee and learning about the trials and tribulations of business. See how they broke the shackles of being a slave to a job and a boss and have established the best drive through coffee shop in Adelaide. The Podcast includes a chat about the pros and cons of running your own business, how these two treat their staff with respect and encourage them to love talking to customers rather than just focusing on serving the perfect cup of coffee.

Its a very open and raw chat, showing the humour and creativity of these two interesting guys, we also talk about work/life balance, marketing and branding and how being people focused and not money focused ultimately leads to a better run business and therefore more success and a rewarding life.

They are a partnership that works well, where they compliment each others skills and make sure they are always having fun, which I think is crucial to their success.

As a special treat, hang around to the end of the podcast when  James plays my Col Clarke guitar and sings us an iconic tune, Eagle Rock!

You will learn so much about business and life in this podcast and Im sure you will appreciate the boys humour, drive, creativity and genuine desire to treat their staff and customers with respect.

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