Dr Graham Lyons


Dr Graham Lyons spent most of his early years working hard on the family farm learning all there is to know about managing cattle and how to successfully manage a farm. Not wanting to settle for too long he decided to travel the world for over two years, giving him a wealth of experience, knowledge and fascinating stories that left me wanting to hear more.

Later in life he had an incredible desire to change his life and decided to go to university and work towards a PHD and put his intellect and determination to good use.

His incredible desire to learn and to get to the bottom of things not only enabled him to become a doctor but also assisted him in becoming extremely educated in the COVID world and an expert about the truth of whats been happening over the past couple of years.

Hes done his research, hes highly educated, highly driven and inspired to help get to the bottom of this craziness we have been exposed to over this period.

Furthermore, hes a wonderful story teller and one of the most interesting and entertaining people Ive ever met.

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