FIRE – The Millennials Dream


F inanacial  I ndependence R etire E arly


The millennials are chasing a different dream to older generations.

More in tune with living life now and enjoying each day as much as possible this generation of smart and free thinking youngsters are choosing to work hard now and put them in a position to retire early.


Unlike other generations they are able to utilise the support of their parents to stay at home longer and save their funds in order to ensure they maintain their high standard of living once they eventually leave the nest. Knowing also that the assets their parents have worked so hard to accumulate, and demanded a lot of sacrifice, will be available to them later in life.

They are smart enough to know that by holding off longer before having their families, not only can they travel more and experience all that life has to offer, but this gives them time to set themselves up for retirement or at least a semi-retired lifestyle.


They are more aware via the internet and modern communication apps and iphones, about living a life of substance. They are only too aware via endless health warnings in the media and many young lives cut short by illness, that they need to live well and live well now.


They are more in touch with their emotions and what makes them happy, being raised in a society where men are more sensitive and more involved with their families and the raising of their children.

Their biggest challenge is to ensure they save their money and not overspend, especially if they are trying to keep up with the lifestyles they see on instagram and other social media. They need to maintain their discipline and work hard and buy assets that will eventually provide some income.


This is the challenge we all faced, however, the millennials seem to be much more aware of this at an earlier age and are prepared to take action rather than just forever dream of an ideal life. They want it, they want it sooner than later, and they are willing to do what is necessary to achieve it. Luckily, with the support of their parents who have worked hard to help them be in such a great position.


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